Shannon (silentxsigh) wrote,

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Confused as all hell...

Misery is consuming me.

I'm home but I could be in Boston, but I want to be home, but maybe I should be in Boston.

I really should stop thinking about the future, but I need to think about the future.

I'm terrified about the future, but I want it to hurry up and get here.

I make no sense sometimes.

I cry a lot.
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maybe its just a point in a womans life when we cant decide what makes us happy, what matters, what we should do to what we want to do....Reading this i realize im not alone. Im not the only one who wants the future to hurry up and be okay in the Now...

Maybe we should talk a little more. I miss my neighboor. I drove by your old house with mike and i mad ehim stop. All i could think about was hitting the soft ball into the riding around the block, and carrying that watermellon all the way to your house.

I miss you Sha. i know things with you and Joe are awesome...and things are good with me and mike...but things are bad with me and you..

mostly because there is no me and you..

theres me without you
and shay with out me

:) so no reminising about JayZ and Brittney dancing..NYSNC..and feildhockey barbie...Singing in the Florida Room till 3 am..SLUMBER PARTIES GALORE

i love you always

please never forget this